CHEURAM particpates in the WealthPro Poland 2016 conference

On February 18, 2016 CHEURAM will participate in the WealthPro Poland 2016 conference in Warsaw, organized by Bosco Conferences.

Henning Schwarzkopf, managing director, will give a presentation on „Hong Kong Companies – their Benefits for Asset Protection and Trade Activities„.

In addition, he has the honor and privilege to be the conference´s moderator leading the international speakers through the program and making sure that the participants in the audience will obtain a wealth of information and expert advice.

We regularly attend international conferences of this nature and both educate people not familiar with the legal and tax environment environment in Hong Kong and share our experience with colleagues from all over the world. Our networking is not only important for business development but for keeping abreast of new trends and developments.

Please direct any questions about the WealthPro Poland 2016 conference and our other speaking engagements to

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