Chinese Investors – How to reach them?

Chinese Investors – how to reach them and attract them to property investments in Europe.

Henning Schwarzkopf, managing director of CHEURAM Consulting Group, gave a presentation at the recent LeadPro 2015 in Monaco and described in detail their background, their motivation for making investments in abroad and how to reach them.

He pointed to the importance of digital marketing and why it is crucial for the success of of developers, brokers and principals. Specifically, Mr. Schwarzkopf emphasized that it is not enough enough to have a Chinese translation of the (Western) website, because the Chinese search engines will probably not pick up the keywords. Instead, it is essential to have a local Chinese web appearance and use the equally important social media tools.

It is difficult to find a reliable service providers which is not only reliable and capable, but familiar in both Western and Chinese marketing environments. CHEURAM has a close cooperation with such agency.

Here is a link to the presentation:

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