Expansion in Asia

APSA, the Asia Pacific Superyacht Association reported on our plans to expand in Singapore and Shanghai. The press release reads:

CHEURAM Consulting Group Limited continues its expansion in Asia

CHEURAM Consulting Group Limited of Hong Kong, a legal and business service provider continues its expansion in Asia by setting up offices in Singapore in addition to a branch in Shanghai. Henning Schwarzkopf, its managing director, explained that Mr. Teck Wee Ng, a local expert of ship building, management and financing will head the Singapore office which will be offering services for the superyacht industry. Dr. Qin-Yun Jiang, a law professor and  internationally recognized expert on shipbuilding contracts and attorney will be in charge of the Shanghai office. Combined with Henning´s expertise as a lawyer admitted in Hamburg, Germany and registered as a foreign lawyer in Hong Kong, Singapore and France the group is able to serve its superyacht clients globally and in jurisdictions which are relevant to the industry.

By CHEURAM Consulting Group

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