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CHEURAM Consulting Group is a Hong Kong – based consulting boutique with expertise in selected industries and activities. With in-depth knowledge, extensive experience and a solid network of trusted partners in many parts of the world we are a valuable advisor to our clients.

CHEURAM merges sound business practices with legal services in China and elsewhere. It is more than a law firm and more than a business consultant – it is a one-stop professional advisor.


Hong Kong:
1205-6, Kinwick Centre
32 Hollywood Road
Central, Hong Kong

T (+852) 8191-4390
F (+852) 6396 6639

Office Germany:
T (+49 40) 32 43 33

CHEURAM Consulting Group

Company Formation

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The Hong Kong Company

Clear Advantages for Entrepreneurs

  • Easy and Reliable Company Law
    Hong Kong´s company law is almost identical to the British system. It is flexible enough to allow ventures to be structured according to the client´s plans and goals. Modifications of the articles, the terms of shareholders or directors can easily be carried out.
  • No Personal Liability
    There is no personal liability for shareholders; only the company´s assets are liable for the company´s debts. Accordingly, there is no exposure of the shareholder´s or director´s private assets.
  • Low Minimum Capital, Starting With HK$ 1.
    Private limited companies can be set up with a minimum capital of HK$ 1.
  • Attractive Tax Rates
    Hong Kong has low corporate and personal tax rates with no taxes on profits originating outside of its territory, the SAR. The domestic tax rate is 16.5% will apply. Any profits generated outside of Hong Kong are tax free.
  • Low Administration Cost
    Thanks to its business friendly legal environment the administrative requirements are kept at a minimum compared to other jurisdictions.Our service package can help to reduce it further.
  • Express formation
    The formation of a Hong Kong company takes no more than a week. Upon request we can incorporate within 48 or 24 hours. In addition, we have a number of available shelf companies which can be transferred at short notice.
  • Free Choice of Names
    Except for company names such as "bank", "insurance" or "trust" you are free to choose any name for your Hong Kong company, either in English, Mandarin, or in both languages. The name must end with "Limited" or "Ltd."