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CHEURAM Consulting Group is a Hong Kong – based consulting boutique with expertise in selected industries and activities. With in-depth knowledge, extensive experience and a solid network of trusted partners in many parts of the world we are a valuable advisor to our clients.

CHEURAM merges sound business practices with legal services in China and elsewhere. It is more than a law firm and more than a business consultant – it is a one-stop professional advisor.


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Maritime industry

and superyachts

The Chinese Shipbuilding Industry

With China’s very long coastline it is no surprise that the country would have an important port and shipping industry. Combined with China’s manufacturing power it is clear that it would want a modern shipbuilding sector to support its massive exports. The marine and ship-related commerce in China is truly expansive; it also brings added business in port-building, marina development, and pleasure boat manufacture. Shipbuilding has been no different than the rest of China’s manufacturing sector it has seen great growth in the past ten years. As the Chinese government continues to put emphasis on its sea-related production, shipbuilding is poised to become a major part of the Chinese economy. According to China’s Ministry of Commerce, its marine industries were worth a stag-gering 77 billion dollars in the year of 2005. Its gross tonnage of ships produced accounts for nearly 18% of the world’s production.

Marine Production and Development

cheuram-yachtingWhile shipbuilding is one means of measuring a country’s maritime industry, it’s certainly not the only one. China is also focusing on the manufacture of pleasure boats, port and waterway construction, development of new marinas, and expanding shipbuilding bases.

(Super) Yacht Industry

As China’s middle class expands, so does the market for recreation and, hence, yachts.

The (Super) Yacht business in China is still in an infant state. However, the conclusions of various studies by respected analysts indicate that it is on the verge of becoming a true boom market. Although many uncertainties and obstacles slowly diminish, it is fair to say that there are still a number of challenges for yacht manufacturers, brokers and other service providers to overcome before it reaches an environment compa-rable to established boating markets. In this scenario, CHEURAM and its Managing Directs can be considered to be pioneers in this emerging industry and have been at the forefront of establishing increasingly reliable conditions. As speakers at conferences and events for the yachting industry in China and as members of various committees of trade organizations, the Managing Directors of CHEURAM have not only established CHEURAM as a well-known name in the China yachting business but also a solid network of connections to private industry and government agencies. logoApart from being engaged as an advisor to European and American clients wishing to enter the Chinese yachting market, CHEURAM is a consultant for Chinese shipyards and companies in their purchase transaction and licensing negotiations with target companies in the rest of the world.Established contacts to renowned European yacht designers and their increasing en-gagements by Chinese yards to form cooperation projects have been an important segment of CHEURAM´s services in the (super) yacht business in China. We are members of APSA ( Asia Pacific Superyacht Association) and several of its committees.

Port and Waterway Construction

It’s no secret that China is an important exporter of goods around the world. To handle this large movement of freight, the country is expanding its port system. Ports are being upgraded and modernized to facilitate the double digit growth of freight output.


As the pleasure boating market expands, the market for marinas grows as well. As Chinese citizens experience economic growth and become more middle class, they are targets for luxury residences equipped with waterways and marinas. In it efforts to modernize and remake its image, Shanghai has built marinas along its down-town river.

CHEURAM has been and advisor for a large residential, yacht manufacturing and marine service-oriented project near Shanghai and its team has handled a variety of tasks from legal to business and marketing matters in China and Europe.

CHEURAM´s management has excellent personal contacts to their counterparts at such shipbuilding bases and provide valuable advice on how to cooperate and establish joint ventures.